1What do I need to wear?
Something loose and comfortable, allowing you freedom of movement. There is no need to wear socks during practise but these can be put back on during relaxation to keep your toes toasty and warm.
2What do I need to bring?
A bottle of water to keep you hydrated and a towel as the class will get hot, and you will get your sweat on.
3Do I need to bring any equipment?
Mats, blocks and straps will be provided to you. You are welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer.
4I have never been to a yoga class before and do not know what to expect. Are all the other people really good at it? Will I feel out of place?
Yoga is non-competitive, and therefore there is no need to feel concerned about being new in the class. You will be guided safely through each pose.
5What time should I arrive?
Please ensure you arrive 5 minutes before class to ensure that you are all settled in before the class starts.
6Is the class open to both men and women?
Yes absolutely.
7What if I have injuries?
Please advise us of any injuries beforehand, we can then discuss this to ensure it is safe for you to practise and if so, we will provide any necessary modifications.
8Is the class suitable for pregnant women or women in the postnatal phase?
Unfortunately our classes are not suitable for pregnant women or very new mothers. If you are a new mother, you will need to wait for 3 months at least and you will need to check with your doctor beforehand.